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I've coached some amazing players who are accomplishing great things

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In the biggest games, when the pressure is on and everyone is watching, know that you can dominate the moment.

Trusted by teams and individuals at every level for over 9 years, when it comes to improving performance, you are in the right place.


Strength and Conditioning Coach of Canberra Raiders Jersey Flegg, I have been helping develop elite athletes since 2013, using science and experience to help rugby league players reach the top!

Let's get to work.

Private Coaching

Train like the pros do, working with me one-on-one to help you dominate on-field and let your footy do the talking.

Training Programs

Take jfreeperformance with you and train like a pro wherever you are, with training programs designed to get you in game-dominating condition quickly.

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Team and Club

With years of success with my own squads and helping other clubs and groups develop programs, I can help make your players strong, fit and fast.

My coaching has been trusted by some great clubs and teams

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Why choose jfreeperformance?

With almost a decade in the game, I've been helping develop elite rugby league talent and athletes from dozens of sports since 2013.

I've coached hundreds of athletes from sports like martial arts, soccer and AFL, along with sports as different as aerial circus, go-karting, and ten-pin bowling.

With three degrees, including a Masters, and accreditations to coach in both Australia and the USA, I combine science and experience to get my athletes the best results, fast.

My athletes are faster, stronger, fitter and more injury-resilient.

There are no useless exercises in our training. Everything is productive. Every rep has a reason. Every moment takes you one step closer to dominating your biggest stage.

Simply put, I help good athletes become elite.

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