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I help athletes perform at the highest level, improving performance and minimising injuries.

This is what I do, and my coaching brings success.

Train with me to take the next step in your performance.




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Private Coaching

Take your performance to new heights with private coaching designed that helps you be faster, fitter and stronger.

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Performance Training Programs

Designed for committed athletes determined to be at their best, these programs are built to keep you resilient to injury, stronger, fitter, and faster.

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Team and Club Consulting

With years of experience working with my own squads and consulting with sporting clubs, I can develop programs to help make your club's athletic preparation the best in your league.

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Over 8 years coaching athletes to elite results and achievements

Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canberra Raiders SG Ball team, I have been coaching athletes to great results since 2013.

Holding three university degrees, including a Master's, I use evidence-backed science combined with my years of experience to develop incredible athletes from any starting point. My methods are effective and help develop injury-resilient athletes who dominate their sport.

I work with both male and female athletes and have coached athletes from more than 20 sports, including rugby league, martial arts, and endurance events like running and hiking.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to develop to the next level, or you are someone who simply wants the best for yourself, I can help you get there.

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I have had the privilege of coaching these athletes at different points in their journeys and am proud to have played even a small part in helping them achieve great things.


My coaching programs are designed for the athlete who wants to take their performance to the next level.  Delivered monthly through TrainHeroic, these programs deliver expert programming and progression directly to athletes, letting you put all your efforts into being your best in the gym and on the field, court or ring.

I know you want to be playing your sport as much as you can, which is why my programs are designed to make you as injury-resilient as possible to minimise your time on the sidelines and maximise your time doing your thing!

When you join these coaching programs, read the articles, or watch the videos, you are taking a step towards becoming the best athlete you can be.

With all the experience and understanding of an elite strength and conditioning coach behind you, your performance will go through the roof!

Teams and Organisations

I have coached and consulted for these clubs and organisations, all with great results and improvements as teams and for the individual athletes involved.

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