My Mission

I aim to change lives and improve performance through elite strength & conditioning.

Athletic development is undervalued in modern sport and life, and millions of athletes fail to perform at their best every single weekend, from weekend warriors through to elite professionals.  Unnecessary injuries occur frequently, power, speed and agility are nowhere near their potential, and many athletes simply cannot keep up with their competition for the full match or race.

This is a problem that is difficult to fix on a grand scale, so I focus on improving physical performance and knowledge of athletic development in the athletes and coaches that I have the pleasure of working with.

I am not interested in the latest fad or craze in the fitness industry, but instead coach my athletes with methods that combine scientific principles with experience and demonstrated results.

As a coach I have three priorities:

  1. Keeping my athletes healthy and on the field, court, ring or track.

  2. Improving athletic performance in the short AND long-term.

  3. Ensuring my athletes are mentally and emotionally prepared to perform in life and sport.

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Your Coach


Jarrod Free

Strength & Conditioning Coach

An S&C Coach since 2013, I consistently place a firm focus on improving my understanding of high performance and athletic development to ensure I continually deliver high quality coaching to my athletes.


  • Master of High Performance Sport

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science


NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

ASCA Professional (Level 2) Strength & Conditioning Coach

ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist & Level 1 Sport Scientist

AWF State Olympic Weightlifting Coach