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The best preseason of your career is here!


Preseason can be a confusing time.


There are so many people doing so many different things!


How should you train?


How should you run? Fast, slow, alot, not much?


How should you lift? Heavy, light, every day, rarely?


That's where the Ultimate Preseason comes in!


Written by professional rugby league S&C Coach Jarrod Free, the Ultimate Preseason takes the training methods of elite teams and puts them in your hands, giving you the tools to dominate the field.


As a rugby leauge S&C Coach for over 9 years, Jarrod has coached 10 players who have since played NRL, 5 International athletes, an SG Ball premiership team, and many other highly successful players in both womens and mens rugby league.


Rugby league requires strength, power, speed, muscle mass, anaerobic and aerobic endurance, and this program puts it all together for you.


12 weeks of training, 4 weekly strength and 2 weekly conditioning sessions and training log for tracking gym progress, all in one place!


A downloadable and fully-printable pdf, this program is your one-stop


Whether you can train 4, 5 or 6 days per week, the Ultimate Preseason can help take you from average to dominant!


Don't be unsure this preseason.


Don't go into next season underdone.


Be stronger, fitter and faster with the Ultimate Rugby League Preseason and make next season the best you have ever had!

Ultimate Rugby League Preseason

  • Physical training is an intense undertaking and carries inherent risks. By purchasing and following this training program, in whole or in part, you agree to acknowledge, understand and accept that no liability is held by jfreeperformance™, or any of its employees, coaches, and directors, for any injury or health concern that arises as a result of performing or following any or all of the included exercises, activities and advice. This advice is general and is based on the assumption of a healthy athlete who has been cleared for physical activity by a medical professional. Any person following the advice found in this program does so at their own risk. This program is intended only for people aged 18 years and over.

  • This product is for individual use only.

    All rights are reserved by the author.

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