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Your 3-Month Performance Plan is the key to unlocking your next level of performance!


Train with confidence with a personalised 3-month training plan including strength and conditioning sessions designed specifically to improve YOUR performance.


Delivered as a PDF file of more than 15 pages, your plan can be printed so you can keep it with you and record your results, keeping you on track and accountable to yourself.


Whether you need a rugby league preseason designed for you, a training cycle prepared for a boxing match, or an in-season training protocol for your football season, be prepared with your 3-Month Performance Plan.


No matter your experience, no matter the sport, no matter your circumstances, a 3-Month Performance Plan can be built for you!


Your plan can include up to six (6) total training sessions per week, including both strength and conditioning sessions. Upon payment you will receive a downloadable PDF with instructions to redeem your training program. THIS PDF IS NOT YOUR PLAN. You will need to follow the instructions and wait 7-10 business days for your plan to be developed and delivered.


By purchasing any training plan or service from jfreeperformance you acknowledge and accept that no liability is held by jfreeperformance, its employees or directors, for any physical or mental injury or health concern that arises from engaging in physical activity. This advice is general and is not intended as prescriptive. Any person following any part of any training plan should be fully cleared by a qualified medical professional and engages in all activity at their own risk.

3-Month Performance Plan

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