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Activation and mobilisation is essential to pre-training and matchday preparation, but it can be difficult for Coaches or busy S&C Coaches to oversee every aspect of preparation.


These sheets are the solution!


Already used for several high-level rugby league teams, these sheets can be easily printed in A4, A3, or A2 and used with your team or club, either at your training base or in your kit bag.


Included are 6 activation sheets, which each take around 5 minutes and each have  different focus, allowing every athlete to specifically target individual problem areas, going into training and games with confidence while also improving strength and mobility.


The 6 sheets included cover:

Whole Body (recommended for all athletes)

Ankle/Calf/Shin Splints



Hip Mobility



Whether you work with a team, club, or need a simple solution for your own preparation, these activation sheets are a great resource that will provide exceptional value for a very long time.




By purchasing any training plan or service from jfreeperformance you acknowledge and accept that no liability is held by jfreeperformance, its employees or directors, for any physical or mental injury or health concern that arises from engaging in physical activity. This advice is general and is not intended as prescriptive. Any person following any part of any training plan should be fully cleared by a qualified medical professional and engages in all activity at their own risk.

Activation Drills for Pre-Training and Game Day

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