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Get Your Training and Game-Day Activation Sheets For Free

Gameday preparation is vital to performance, but so easily gets overlooked with everything else that players, coaches and managers have to do in the hour before kickoff.

Niggles you need to work on and give a little more attention before running out for warm up but you don't know how?

Players who never take care of themselves and always need a pre-game massage?

I've got you covered!

These Activation Sheets will be a huge help, and you can have them for free.

You'll get six sheets covering different body areas, which you or your players can use to prepare troublesome areas so everyone can get on-field feeling great. Each of these routines takes around 5-10 minutes.


Whole Body

Ankle/Calf/Shin Splits





Valued at $29, they are yours to download now when you subscribe to my Performance Email. This is an email I send out every week or two that gives you simple, easily understood and applied tips and info on performance, training, strength & conditioning, and recovery.

I'll never send you spammy rubbish, you'll only be getting great performance info that you can actually use to perform better!

Download Your Activation Sheets Here!

By purchasing or downloading any training plan or service from jfreeperformance you acknowledge and accept that no liability is held by jfreeperformance, its employees or directors, for any physical or mental injury or health concern that arises from engaging in physical activity. This advice is general and is not intended as prescriptive. Any person following any part of any training plan should be fully cleared by a qualified medical professional and engages in all activity at their own risk.

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