The Value of Discomfort

Discomfort is usually avoided as much as possible. Avoiding the uncomfortable lifts, difficult tasks or hard conversations is often our first instinct. Much of life is now more comfortable than it has been at any other time in history, so it has become necessary to seek out discomfort.

There is value in discomfort.

Discomfort is what forces growth. It is what tells us we are being challenged. Overcoming discomfort is what gives us confidence in what you have overcome, and this flows into other aspects of life.

@davenixonflow introduced me to sandbag training last year and it was a shift in thinking that forced me to push through some serious discomfort. Sandbag training is a different approach to what I have experienced and worked on in the past, but in pushing into the discomfort I have found the intensity, control and strength of my lifts has improved across the gym.

The most successful athletes I have worked with are the ones who seek out new levels of discomfort. The athletes who, when everyone else is lagging and starting to break, find another gear. The ones who decide they will push themselves further than they did last time, and who don't even consider an alternative. These are the athletes who rebound from adversity. They adjust their approach and increase their intensity when challenged.

They know they have been through worse and overcome it.

The opposite also happens. Those who shy away from discomfort shy away from challenges in other aspects of life. The athlete who is comfortable coming last in a time trial is also the athlete who is comfortable giving up on the play in the big game.

But the athlete who faces discomfort every day makes that tackle, pass, run or play.

They don't see the discomfort, they see the challenge.

Discomfort is the difference between winning and losing, between success and failure.

If you seek out discomfort, you are seeking out success.

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